Join Jarvel, Improve Sustainability

Jarvel is a social platform designed to teach users how to live a more sustainable life. We do this in a competitive and motivational manner, where you can see your own growth reflected in your tree and compare this with friends and other users.

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How it works

Jarvel tries to teach users how to create a more sustainable lifestyle in a competitive and motivational matter.

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With our solution

You and I can learn about the climate crisis in a simple way and change our own behavior for the benefit of the climate. Jarvel is a social platform where you create your own profile with your own tree, which you grow through good choices and actions. You can also post messages, photos and organize events.

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To no pollution

You compete by growing your tree against your friends and other users of the platform. In this way, a battle is formed to be as engaged as possible with the climate crisis. Together with your friends you can make a difference. Let's work together for a better climate. Be part of the solution, not the pollution!

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Grow your tree

Your daily activities affect your tree. Only if you make better choices for the environment your tree will grow. For example, take the bike instead of the car, eat vegetarian more often and buy your clothes at a thrift shop instead of brand new. When you implement these types of activities your tree will start to grow. But remember, your bad behavior affects the tree too!